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Basic Firearms Safety Course (Non Live-Fire)


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This single session NON-Live Fire Basic Firearms Safety Course is designed to teach the fundamentals of firearms safety and ownership responsibilities.  This class will greatly benefit those who have no knowledge of firearms and want to learn more about firearms use.  It also benefits those who have some experience with firearms, but want a refresher course while increasing their firearms training knowledge. The course also satisfies the firearms safety training for the Virginia Carry Concealed Handgun Permit requirements as per Virginia code 18.2-308.02. 

Beginner Handgun Course (Live-Fire)


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The Beginner Handgun Course (BHC) is designed with the intent to make the beginner shooter more comfortable and confident in handgun safety, handgun operations, and practical handgun applications.  The BHC will focus on the fundamentals of handgun marksmanship such as Sight Alignment / Sight Picture, Grip, Trigger Control, Stance, Breathing, and Follow Through.  The BHC will also cover handgun loading and unloading, handgun remedial action, magazine changes.  The BHC course is divided into two stages.  The first stage consists of learning the abovementioned within the classroom environment.  The second stage transitions to the shooting range where the shooter will then apply what they learned in the first stage with a handgun and live ammunition.  The beginner shooter will take a handgun qualification at the conclusion of the BHC.

Equipment: The following items are required to attend this course. The student must supply their own equipment. 

  • Eye and hearing protection
  • 1 handgun per course
  • Minimum of 50 rounds of  ammunition

Intermediate Handgun Course (Live-Fire)


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This firearms training course is designed as a handgun skill builder based off of the Basic Handgun Course (BHC) with the intent to introduce the intermediate shooter to draw from the holster, magazine changes, positional shooting, timed stressed shooting drills, shooting on the move, reactive target shooting, handgun remedial action, and much more.  The shooter will take a handgun qualification test at the conclusion of the IHC.  A shooter must register, attend and successfully complete the Beginner Handgun Course as a prerequisite to the Intermediate Handgun Course.